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Children's Court of Victoria

This website is an excellent resource for information and procedures of the Family and Criminal Divisions of the Children's Court of Victoria.



Magistrates' Court of Victoria

This website enables people involved in matters before the Court to search for a Court date, as well as providing details regarding the Court’s procedures.


County Court of Victoria

This Court hears appeals from criminal matters originally heard in the Magistrates' Court, as well as exercising its own jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters.


Supreme Court of Victoria

The highest Court in Victoria, consisting of two divisions - the Court of Appeal and the Trial Division. The website includes useful information for the public.


High Court of Australia

Established in 1901, the High Court is the highest Court in our judicial system. The site includes Court lists and details of the Courtís operation.


Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT)

This Tribunal is part of the Magistrates' Court, and provides assistance to those who have been the victims of violent criminal acts.


Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

This is a low cost avenue for dispute resolution in areas such as tenancy law, consumer affairs, domestic building disputes and planning matters.


Victoria Legal Aid (VLA)

VLA offers free legal advice and, at times, legal representation, for people with criminal law, family law, tenancy, mental health, social security and other matters.


Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS)

A community owned and controlled co-operative society, VALS provides legal advice and representation to Indigenous Australians.


Law Institute of Victoria

The Stateís peak body for lawyers. This site contains information for the public on a variety of legal topics.


Department of Justice

This site has information on a range of issues including Courts, prisons, police, emergency services and victimís services.



An excellent free internet resource with access to State and Commonwealth legislation and cases, as well as access to associated overseas legal websites.